Biodiversities of Prokletije

canstockphoto3812356Project title: Biodiversities and tourism potential of Prokletije

Donor: SNV Netherlands

Cost of the project: 8,067.00 euros

Amount contributed by donor: 8,067.00 euros

Implementation period: From 25.12.2011. to 25.06.2012

Description of the project: The main objective of this assignment was to raise awareness of the community including youth, farmers and women on the value and importance of, nature conservation and economic sustainable use of it and start the dialogue/ consultation with community related to the Prokletije Park.

Results & Outputs:


1. The community of the Prokletije area have better understanding of the nature conservation, and modern concept of the protected areas.


2. The LAG strengthened their capacities related to the biodiversity and nature conservation issue. It is enabled to continue the consultation process with community on Prokletije Park.


3. The awareness campaign package produced from this assignment shared with LAG board.


4. Promotional brochure for cross-border area produced in three languages, in close collaboration with LAG members.


Produced materials: