Rural Tourism For The Economic Development Of The Border Region


Project Name: Rural tourism for the economic development of the border region


Project value: 258000 Euros

Donor Contribution: 217,000.00 Euros

Implementation period: 15/01/2016 to 15/07/2017


The overall objective of the project is the economic development of the area through cooperation and joint initiatives, and the specific objective is to promote economic development through economic, sustainable valorization of tourism, forestry and agricultural potentials. The results to be achieved by the project are:

  1. Improving the infrastructure necessary for providing tourism services in the katuns – the establishing of routes and signposting of thematic katun trail, allocation of solar systems for 49 households, construction of resting points and camping sites in 5 katuns along the trail.
  2. Increased capacities of the rural population to provide tourist services – training for rural households, a study trip.

3. Promotion of unique values of katuns as the driver for development of agriculture and tourism – production of promotional brochures, billboards and info boards, production of promotional video materials, development of the web portal, promotional familiarization trip for the tourist agencies.