Our agency has been active in environment protection sector, and we have implemented campaigns, upgraded the situation in protected zones, promoted protected zones, cooperated with botanical gardens. Through all these activities we have developed necessary materials, brochures, boards, flyers, and here you will find complete materials we have so far developed.

2012Let's preserve biodiversity of ProkletijeBiodiversityPosterPDF
2012Biodiversity - The treasure of ProkletijeBiodiversityFlyerPDF
2013Preserve the environmentCommunal wasteFlyerPDF
2013Preserve the nature, we cannot buy the new oneCommunal wasteBoardPDF
2013Preserve the nature, we need itCommunal wasteBoardPDF
2013Change the bad habits! Preserve the environmentCommunal wasteBoardPDF
2014Botanical garden VelemunBiodiversityBrochurePDF