Entrepreneurship is one of the key activities of the agency, especially when young people and women are concerned, but also within the sector of responsible innovations. To improve the environment for entrepreneurship among these target groups, we have worked on analyses, prepared recommendations, manuals and series of promotional materials. Everything we have done in this sector can be found in this database.

2014Gordana Dulovic - Agricultural production and rural tourismFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Branka Scepanovic - Processing of plums and other fruitFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Tatjana Vlaovic - Rural TourismFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Kristina Bulatovic - TailorFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Ljiljana Dragovic - Rural TourismFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Ljiljana Tatic - Traditional HandicraftsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Milijanka Puletic - Rural TourismFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Nada Vukicevic - Production of herbal salves Female EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Natalija Andjelic - Cley souvenir productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Sanja Bojic - Dairy productsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Svetlana Keker - Rural tourismFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Svetlana Milosevic - Dairy productsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Vinka Scepanovic - HandicraftsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Biljana Veljovic - Non timber forest productsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Gorica Braunovic - HandicraftsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Ljiljana Misnic - Dairy and meat productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Vera Popovic - Handmade knitting productsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Nada Blazevic - Production of salads and preservesFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Rada Scepanovic - Collection and processing of mushroomsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Slavica Kovacevic - Handmade, unique souvenirs productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Sonja Tomovic - Production of cakes and sweetsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Stanija Braunovic - Collection and processing of medical and aromatic herbsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Leaders of Responsible Innovations Responsible InnovationsPDF
2014Velisavka Vukovic - Non timber forest products Female EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Vera Jovanovic - Dairy production and rural tourismFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Zorica Vukovic - Dairy production - low fat and layered cheeseFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Aida Dzukljan - Organic vegetables productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Dejana Dzogazovic - Bed linen productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Ekrema Pedic - Souvenir productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Elvira Delic - Plantation type of vegetable productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Gorica Cmiljanovic - cakes productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Ismeta Dzakic - traditional souvenirsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Ljiljana Cepic - HandicraftsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Meliha Kecevic - handicrafts and collection of berriesFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Milojka Kusljevic - Dairy productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Snezana Dzakovic - IT technologiesFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Snezana Railic - Cakes and sweets productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Svetlana Krstonijevic - Handicrafts and jewelry productionFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Svetlana Zivkovic - HandicraftsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Nadja Stankovic - Souvenirs and handicraftsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Female Entrepreneurship KolasinFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Female Entrepreneurship MojkovacFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Female Entrepreneurship PljevljaFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Divna Jankovic - Production of honey cakes with ornamentsFemale EntrepreneurshipPDF
2013Study on introducing entrepreneurship as subject in high schoolsYouth EntrepreneurshipPDF
2013Cross-border Youth EntrepreneurshipYouth EntrepreneurshipPDF
2014Handbook for entrepreneursResponsible InnovationsPDF
2014Female Entrepreneurship Recommendations Responsible InnovationsPDF