Environment Protection

As the region has two national parks and a regional nature park Komovi will soon be declared, so the protection of natural resources is one of the most important priorities of the agency. The most important current activities of the agency in this field are:


1. Creating of sustainable tourism products in the national parks – in order to provide positive examples of projects that bring economic benefits without risks for the environment.


2. Raising awareness among the local population – be it small local projects and cleaning of certain zones, or the total RDA activity that stands as an example of how to take care of the environment.


3. Support to the botanical gardens – in Plav, Andrijevica and Kolasin, support in protection and the promotion of biodiversity of the region.


4. Production of promotional materials – as yet another way to influence the local population in regard to the importance of preserving of the environment.


5. Feasibility study for development of town heating system in Kolasin using biomass as fuel – this is one example of how a thermal energy can be generated in a sustainable way, using waste wood as fuel.