Rural Development

PENTAX K20D 26-08-2010___09-29-52As most of the region is rural, so are the activities of agencies focused on rural development. The things that the agency has successfully dealt with were:


1. Regional branding of agricultural products – the most successful farmers from the region were selected and supported through the development of design and procurement of packaging for their products, as well as establishing links with the markets in Podgorica (through Bonella markets) and the coast (Porto Montenegro).


2. Organization of trade fairs and promotional events – with aim of adequate promotion of domestic product in the local market and establishing of better connections with potential buyers.


3. Rural tourism – RRA is in fact one of the first organizations in Montenegro, that dealt with this sector. A network of households that provide this type of service was created and provided with trainings, financial support, as well as support in marketing and promotion.


4. Assistance in preparing of project applications – RBA actively works with farmers in the region in terms of dissemination of information about various competitions and calls for proposals in which they can apply, providing them with the support in creating of the applications and also in implementation of the activities.


5. Organic farming – RRA is one of the few organizations that actively promotes the organic production, cooperates with certified organic producers, and also involves new farmers into the process of obtaining of the organic production certificates.