Capacity Building

plav skolaStrengthening of local capacities is one of the most important activities of the agency and covers all the sectors in which the agency is active. So far, the agency has conducted the following activities in relation to this topic:


1. Assistance in preparing applications – be it local governments, institutions, organizations, or individual households, the agency provides technical support to all stakeholders in the preparation of quality project proposals for call for proposals launched by the EU, other donors, or any of the ministries of the Government of Montenegro.


2. Technical support in tourism sector – with funds provided by RDA, training of tourist guides in the region was conducted as well as the training of cultural animators and training of mountaineers willing to engage in the Mountain Rescue Service.


3. Technical support in agriculture sector – RDA provided trainings for stakeholders interested for rural tourism, regional branding and organic production.


4. Technical support in entrepreneurship – through various projects and by working with secondary schools training for young entrepreneurs was provided, as well as for women who want to improve their existing or start new businesses.


5. Technical support in environmental protection – these activities were mostly aimed at awareness raising especially when it comes to biodiversity, but the agency has conducted training for the rangers in national parks in order to better preserve the protected zone.