Cross-border Cooperation

Prekogranična saradnjaRDA has established strong cooperation with regional development agencies in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo , Slovenia, Macedonia , Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, and through this cooperation successfully implements cross-border projects, and provides support to local actors in finding the suitable partners in these countries. Agency’s activities in this regard are:


1. Preparation and implementation of cross-border projects – the agency has so far written a number of projects and successfully implemented three cross-border projects. In any cross-border call for project proposals, the agency is working on new applications to implement activities relevant for the region. All these projects have a regional character, and are of importance to all municipalities in the region.


2. Support to local actors in the preparation and implementation of projects – since the procedures of preparation and implementation of EU IPA cross-border projects are demanding, and since not all of the applicants have the same capabilities in this regard, or in regard to the field knowledge, the agency is actively cooperating with all local stakeholders, local governments, tourism organizations, cultural centers, organizations and associations assisting them to prepare better applications and later to implement projects in quality manner.