Project Management

When conducting its projects, RDA uses the approach adopted in the EU – methodology of project cycle management. In the early 90s, the European Commission adopted the principle of the methodology of project cycle management as an essential tool for project design and management based on the principle of the logical framework in order to improve the quality of projects. Until then, the mentioned method has been used by a wide range of international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Bank.


RDA has fully accepted this methodology; both in preparation and in the implementation of projects, and the experience and knowledge gained through trainings and through the work is being transferred to the other actors in the region. Some of the projects that the agency implemented in this way were:


Culinary Trail of the Ethnic and Local Cuisine in the Danube Region (Acronym: Culinary Trail)2024-2026EU - Interreg Danube Transnational Programme
Joint actions for rural tourism development2023-2025EU – IPA
Turning our villages into tourism destinations2023-2025EU – IPA CBC MNE-KOS
Creation of new fruit and vegetable products2023-2024EU – IPA II
Innovation and research for off-grid settlements2023-2024EU – IPA II
Initiative of Local employment partnership-ILEP2023-2024EU – IPA II
Rural Tourism for Women and Youth2022-2023US Embassy
Montenegro and Albania towards Zero Waste2021-2023EU
FAO-EBRD project- Montenegro: Regional Quality and Tourism2021-2023FAO-EBRD
Rural Tourism for Mountain Destinations2020-2022EU
Transhumance – New Tourism Offer of Kosovo and Montenegro2020-2022EU
Katun Roads of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina2020-2022EU
Processing adds value/Improvement of domestic food production2020-2021Kingdom of Norway
Support to small scale tourism businesses in rural communities2021-2021Kingdom of Norway
Accursed mountains – exquisite outdoor destination2019-2021EU
INERRANT / INterregional Ecosystem for entRepreneurship, ReseArch and Technology2018-2021EU
Rural tourism along Via Dinarica2019-2020EU
FAO-EBRD project- Montenegro: Promoting Sustainable Agrifood Value Chains through Linkages with Tourism2018-2020FAO-EBRD
WISHFUL / Ict for Smart Healthcare toUrism2018-2020EU
Preserving Cultural Landscape of Albania and Montenegro2018 - 2020EU
Rural development driven by rural civil society organizations2017-2020EU
Local Cuisine as Tourism Offer of Cross-Border Region2018 - 2020EU
Empowering rural households active in rural tourism2018-2019US Embassy
Enhancing Montenegrin & Serbian Entrepreneurship and Tourism (e-MEETS)2017 - 2019EU
InnoHPC2017 - 2019EU
Improving traditional cheese making in the North of Montenegro (ValueCheese)2016 - 2017EU
Rural Tourism For The Economic Development Of The Border Region2016 - 2017EU
Economic Empowerment of Women in Rural Areas of Northern Montenegro2015 - 2016US Embassy
Katuns As Cultural Heritage2015 - 2016Government of Montenegro
Biking For All2015 - 2016Government of Montenegro
Economic empowerment of women II phase2014 – 2014UNDP, EU,IPA
Regional Business Center2013 -2016EU
Economic empowerment of women I phase2012 – 2014UNDP, EU IPA
Economic Development Project2012 – 2013CHF/USAID
Facilitating Responsible Innovations2012 – 2014EU – South East Europe
Year round tourism in mountain destinations of B&H and MNE2012 - 2014EU – IPA CBC B&H-Montenegro
Economic Development Project2011 – 2011CHF/USAID
Youth Entrepreneurship2011 – 2012EU – IPA CBC Srbija CG
Biodiversities of Prokletije2011 - 2012SNV Netherlands
Sustainable Regional Development of the Bjelasica - Komovi and Prokletije region2009 – 2013Austrian Development Agency