RDA is one of the leading organizations in the region when it comes to tourism development. RDA works closely with all the tourist organizations in the region, with relevant associations and clubs, local governments and the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development and the National Tourism Organization.


For its achievements in the field of tourism, RDA has received the award Wild Beauty 2013 awarded by the President of Montenegro. During its work since 2009, RBA has been active in the field of tourism in the following sectors:


1. Mountain tourism – setting up of new hiking and biking trails, creation of promotional materials, establishing of the fly-fishing areas, equipping of outdoor clubs, establishing the cadastre of caves, decorating the botanical garden, organization of promotional events, equipping and furnishing of the Mountain Rescue Service.


2. Cultural tourism – development of cultural routes that unite the most important cultural and historical heritage sites of the region in each of the municipalities of the region, support to Polimski Museum in the arrangement of exhibition space and the development of promotional materials, support to the Cultural Centre in Kolasin through the adaptation of premises and purchase of equipment, organization of events.


3. National parks – support in the design of new tourist products, preparation of management plans, establishing administrative headquarters and center for visitors at the National Park Prokletije.


4. Rural tourism – identification of the most attractive locations for rural tourism, selection of the most active households and support to rural tourism development, providing financial support in the form of the grants with aim of improving the conditions for rural tourism development.