Mission and Goals

RDA BKP was formed in December 2009, with support of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). ADA has been funding projects implemented by the Austrian Montenegrin Partnership since 2004. All the staff working with the former project were moved to the RDA, effectively transferring the capacity and know-how of the old project to the RDA.


The mission of RDA BKP is to enhance the development of Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije region, and municipalities within the region, through close cooperation with local stakeholders in public and private sectors, increased absorption of EU funds, and creation of employment and income generating opportunities through development of tourism and agriculture sectors, in alignment with national and local strategic development plans.


Since 2004 co-operation has been established with the regional municipalities and a broad range of private sector operators, notably in tourism and agriculture. The focus of the Partnership has been and that of the RDA remains supporting municipal capacity development, national parks, relevant forms of tourism such as mountain, cultural and rural; along with helping local agricultural producers bring their produce to market using local branding.


All our work as an RDA is firmly based on national tourism, agricultural and other economic development strategies. We are networking local governments and other (particularly agricultural and tourism) stakeholders in the region to jointly work towards a strategic approach to the development of the BKP region and are actively helping them access available development funds.

Award for contri-
bution to develop-
ment of tourism offer in Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije region.

Budva, Hotel Splendid

Award for the film People from the Cursed mountains produced within FaRInn project.

Kolašin, Hotel Lipka