FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Financial assistance of Ministry of agriculture for rural tourism

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has announced a call for proposals for the diversification of economic activities in rural areas, and this call is open until May 20, 2015. In national agriculture budget it is stated that for this activity the amount of 60,000 euros has been allocated, and in the past two years is due to poor interest received only 17 applications have been received and 5 approved. To ensure that local people are adequately informed about this call, the Regional Development Agency organized series of briefings to present this call, and explain the conditions and procedures to potential applicants. Meetings are organized like this:

  • April 22. – Lipovo, Kolašin
  • April 25. – Konjuhe, Andrijevica
  • April 29. – Murino, Plav
  • April 29. – Velika, Plav
  • April 30. – Vusanje, Gusinje
  • April 30. – Kralje, Andrijevica

The agency will provide interested applicants with free assistance on preparing good applications.




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