Invisible Women of Montenegro


Within the project financed through the US Embassy in Podgorica, within the Small grants Program of Democratic Commission, we have the honor to present our new publication ‘Invisible Women of Montenegro’. It has been our intention to present to the public successful examples of women in rural tourism, so that other rural women would be encouraged and motivated to get engaged in rural tourism themselves. However, we have modified that initial intention of ours, and have decided to tackle the general position of rural women in Montenegro, because we are aware that their role in our society has been overseen, they are fairly unknown and invisible, and their problems are not thought about.


The timing of preparation of our stories coincided with the International Day of Rural Women, so until October 15th, when this day is celebrated, we have published on social networks one story after another. Until the end of October, we have completed the design of the entire publication. We hope you will like it, and that you will enjoy the stories we have prepared for you.


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