RDA BKP hosted the 4th FaRInn project partners meeting


As the host of the FaRInn 4th project partners meeting, RDA BKP had a great honour to welcome colleagues from Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Romania. The meeting was held in Kolasin from 7-9.April 2014. RDA BKP used this occasion to present basic information about Montenegro as well as to present tourism potentials of northern region. RDA BKP also organized study visit to agro tourism household Puletic in Lipovo village, where the guests had a chance to find out more about tradition of this region as well as to taste traditional dishes prepared in this hosehold.

The main objective of FaRInn is to enhance framework conditions and pave the way for a responsible innovation model in South East Europe, which respects the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and better quality of life.

This project is funded by the European Union within SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme.

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