Playgrounds in Bistrica and Lubnice

Three villages in the region have been selected for rural tourism, and through EU funded “365” project, an opportunity was created to enrich the offer in terms of products and services available in these villages. Among other things, and at delight of the youngest citizens of Bistrica in Bijelo Polje and Lubnice in Berane, children playgrounds have been equipped in these two villages. Playgrounds have been set up in schoolyards in both villages, and the schools committed to maintain the playgrounds and keep them open and accessible for all local children and visitors from outside as well. The playgrounds are equipped with seesaws, merry-go-rounds, swingsets, slides, chin-up bars, spring riders.

Only a day after the set up of equipment in the playgrounds, they have been fully operational, and children were queuing for different types of equipment, while parents and citizens of both villages expressed their gratitude for this project.

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