Practical Manual for Entrepreneurship Prepared

In order to promote entrepreneurship, Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije (RDA BKP) has prepared a manual for Entrepreneurship including a concise and clear overview of the procedures at the local and national level in order to ensure participation at the market in accordance with current legal procedures. In the section of the manual that refers to the legal framework for entrepreneurship possible forms of registration were presented with tax regulations for each form of registration while in the second part of the manual procedures for obtaining permits and licenses at local and national level were elaborated.

Given that agriculture and tourism are defined as strategic sectors for the development of the northern region, manual includes procedures needed to provide tourist services in rural households, produce and sale of traditional agricultural products, etc. Manual has been prepared within FaRInn project that RDA BKP implemented in cooperation with 7 partners from 6 different countries. The European Union, through South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme (SEE Programme), provided support for the realization of project.

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