RDA supported botanical garden Velemun in Plav

Botanical Garden “Velemun”, which is located in the village of Brezojevice in Plav Municipality, every year attracts more and more visitors. This botanical garden with over 350 different plant species is a real treasure of this region and it was created thanks to professor Milutin-Mico Prascevic who for many years worked to protect and preserve the flora of Prokletije. Because of its value, RDA BKP included Botanical Garden in the Cultural Routes of Plav project and it is one of the most beautiful spots on this route. RDA BKP also, through the support of the Austrian Development Agency, provided funding for the improvement of botanical garden and its promotion. Through the project, a series of activities was carried out such as fencing of Botanical Garden, construction and installation of info plates for all plant species in the garden, preparation of promotional materials and procurement of equipment for improving the functioning and maintenance of Botanical Garden. There is a higher number of tourists from different countries and guests visiting Botanical Garden for scientific purposes that, along with the fact that developing of additional offer that will be available soon in this garden is ongoing, says that this is a great resource for the development of the region.

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