Biking For All


Project Title: Biking for all

Donor: Government of Montenegro, contest for the allocation of funds from games of chance

Value of the project: 7000 Euros

Donor Contribution: 7000 Euros

Implementation period: from 25.12.2015. to 12/25/2016.


The overall objective of this project is to establish mechanisms for increasing the citizens activeness in sports, as well as connecting the actions with environmental and tourism projects, programs and strategies for sustainable development.


The specific objective of this project is to establish a network of mountain trails for biking in the Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije region.

In order to reach the general and specific objective of the project, the following sets of activities were implemented:


– Establishing trails in a strategic manner, taking into account linking with the existing trails, off-trail attractions, and prospects for future upgrade of trails.

– Establishing a network of trails, with 190km in total length.

– Promotional activities for the new trails – descriptions and photos of the trails, promotional brochures and info boards.



Biking Routes