Project title: High performance computing for effective innovation in the Danube region

Donor: EU – Danube Transnational Programme

Cost of the project: 2 054 600.00 euros

Amount contributed by donor: 1 809 610.00 euros

Implementation period: From 01.01.2017 to 01.06.2019

Description of the project: The aim of the project is to expand the knowledge of small and medium-sized enterprises in relation to high-performance computing capabilities, to enable them to access such technologies that are much more accessible to businesses in developed European countries, and in Montenegro and the surrounding countries still represent distant and costly technology.



The specific objectives of the project are:

InnoHPC will diffuse HPC as a general-purpose technology capable to enhance innovative capacities of enterprises, especially SMEs, by increasing access to existing HPC infrastructure and providing integrated services, focusing on automotive and electronic sector.  In this process, InnoHPC will narrow the gap between research institutes and enterprises, by improving awareness about the potentials of HPC to solve business problems and by enhancing the business relevance of scientific expertise.


InnoHPC will develop capacity building tools to enhance knowledge and skills required to efficiently use HPC in innovative processes. The tools will focus on both HPC providers and beneficiaries. They will enhance entrepreneurial skills of HPC providers (HEIs and RIs), their real-life problem-solving capacities, as well as develop capacity of enterprises, especially SMEs, to understand and detect opportunities provided by HPC, with a focus on electronic and automotive sector.

InnoHPC will increase transnational cooperation in the Danube region, connecting SMEs, HPC providers, regional development agencies and public business support institutions in InnoHPC Lab and enabling formation of industrial value chains in the electronic and automotive industries. Transnational access to existing HPC capacities, across the entire Danube region, will increase utilization of existing infrastructure without the need for additional expensive investments in hardware.


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