Montenegro and Albania towards Zero Waste

Project title: Montenegro and Albania towards Zero Waste

Cost of the project: 563.515,50 EUR
Amount contributed by donor: 478.988,18 EUR
Implementation period: From 01.02.2021 – 01. 02. 2023


The overall objective of this action is to further the protection of environmental resources in lake and alpine areas, while the specific objective is to reduce residual waste through waste reduction, reuse and recycling measures. These objectives will be achieved through specific results around which groups of targeted activities are gathered:


Result 1. Platform for guiding local communities towards Zero Waste towns created. The activities that will lead towards achievement of this result are related to establishment of ZeroWaste Advisory Boards in Gusinje and Margegaj, which will gather community leaders represented by active local CSOs, businesses, tourism industry, public officials, informal leaders, who will be involved from the very beginning in all project activities and will remain involved in ZeroWaste activities after the project has been completed. Another important activity in this set is related to conducting a survey to evaluate amounts of different types of waste disposed/recycled/reused on household, business and municipal level, which will show clearly the most critical points in waste system and prepare the grounds for conducting further activities.


Result 2: Local communities encouraged and supported to reduce, recycle and reuse waste. This set of activities is dedicated to awareness raising and actual concrete steps towards change in practices and habits in the two local communities. The project team will replicate some of the successful models from other ZeroWaste towns in terms of awareness raising measures, and will use the survey from the previous result as bases for showing the local population the numbers that are very negative for environment and that with some easy and simple measures they can all achieve a lot for their surroundings.


Result 3: Sustainability of Zero Waste practices ensured.


Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije is the lead applicant on this project with Zero Waste Montenegro as a partner in Montenegro, Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) and Green Line Albania as partners from Albania.