Enhancing Montenegrin & Serbian Entrepreneurship and Tourism (e-MEETS)

Project Title:  Enhancing Montenegrin & Serbian Entrepreneurship and Tourism (e-MEETS)

Donor: EU, Erasmus+ Programme

Project budget: 147,587.00€

Implementation period: 1 September 2017 – 31 August 2019

The main goal of the project is to educate and motivate young people to start their careers by fostering entrepreneurial mind-set, boosting employment of young people in tourism by building up their capacity, with the close inter-regional ME-RS cooperation, exchange of best practice with highly experienced EU partner from Slovenia and non-formal learning mobility in  EU countries (Spain, Germany).


The overall goal of enhancing entrepreneurship capacities of youth in Montenegro and Serbia are expected to be achieved through the following objectives:


1) Strengthening of entrepreneurship among young population in MNE&SER

2) Improvement of core competences in tourism; basic & innovative solutions development trainings

3) Creating of Open Education Centre in Tourism as a Youth work education program in business & tourism aspects, with three main goals: a) career counseling, b) information sharing– youth contact point (e.g. dissemination of information about EU programs), c) personalized educational platform aimed on monitoring learners’ progress and maximizing achievements.


The results to be achieved by the project are:


1) Increased entrepreneurial capacities and skills of youth in Montenegro and Serbia

2) Improved specialized knowledge of youth in tourism

3) Improved networking and cooperation between EU countries and MNE&SER youth

4) Improved knowledge about EU best practice and society in general for MNE&SER participant and vice versa for EU participants