INERRANT / INterregional Ecosystem for entRepreneurship, ReseArch and Technology

Title of the project: INERRAnT/ INterregional Ecosystem for entRepreneurship, ReseArch and Technology
Project value:  1 199 215.00
Period of implementation:  15.03.2018. to 14.03.2020.


Project Summary


The main goal of the project INERRAnT is to create an innovative ecosystem, inter-linked with research and entrepreneurial actors in public-private logic, able to foster dialogue between different territories, strengthen collaborative research actions, and enhance the ability to attract private capital. This ecosystem, through the International Digital innovation Hub, will guarantee support to SMEs, facilitate knowledge sharing and talents mobility and improve international competitiveness by developing systemic cooperation between institutions, businesses, universities, research centers and other key territorial actors.


Specific objectives


SO1 – Promoting new Innovative Companies and collaboration among main territorial stakeholders

SO2 – Facilitating knowledge sharing & talents mobility

SO3 –Supporting relations with international institutions and market placement of products/services


Lead Partner


AssociazionedegliIndustrialidellaProvincia di Lecce (IT)


Project Partners

  1. Dhitech Distretto Tecnologico High-Tech (IT)
  2. Dhoma e Tregtisëdhe Industrisë Tiranë (AL)
  3. Konfindustria Shqiptare (AL)
  4. Regionalna Razvojna Agencija – Ulcinj Biznis Asocijacija (ME)
  5. Regionalna razvojna agencija za Bjelasicu, Komove i Prokletije (ME)