Youth Entrepreneurship

preduzetnistvo mladihProject title: Cross-border Youth Entrepreneurship

Donor: EU – IPA CBC Serbia and Montenegro

Cost of the project: 86,644.44 euros

Amount contributed by donor: 73,215.55 euros

Implementation period: From 10.08.2012. to 10.08.2013.

Description of the project: The overall objective of the Cross-border Youth Entrepreneurship was to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in the cross-border area (Serbia and Montenegro) through strengthening connections between youth. The specific objective of this project is enhanced conditions for entrepreneurship of youth from secondary schools and active young entrepreneurs in the cross-border area.

The main results of the project are:


1. Improved entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of students of secondary schools – Student Enterprise Programme.


2. Network of young potential and active entrepreneurs established in cross-border area.


3. Raised awareness of the community on the importance of entrepreneurship for socio-economic development.


Five high schools in this region have been included in this project – from Kolasin, Mojkovac, Berane, Plav and Rozaje, with 209 students in total who attended the capacity building activities and created youth enterprises. Teachers were trained to conduct this activity. Youth entrepreneurship Fair was organized in Berane, and Youth Entrepreneurship Camp in Kolasin, for the best student enterprises selected at the fair. Policy paper was produced for decision makers on importance of including entrepreneurship as regular subject in schools.


All participating schools were provided with equipment necessary for this project – computers, printers, projectors, books for the libraries on the subject of entrepreneurship.


Produced materials:


  • Position paper
  • Brochure on Youth Entrepreneurship