Processing adds value/Improvement of domestic food production

Project title: Processing adds value/Improvement of domestic food production
Donor: Kingdom of Norway

Cost of the project: 43.410,00 USD
Amount contributed by donor: 43.410,00 USD
Implementation period: From 10.03.2020 – 11. 02. 2021


The whole purpose of this project is to strenghten family businesses in targeted region in order to ensure their economic resilience, but also to have good examples throughout the region that other farmers can follow. Not only that the benefits will be very concrete and tangible for selected households, but there will be significant benefit for broader communities through more accessible services and through opportunities for know-how exchange in the neighbourhood.

Summary of the project:

  1. Strengthening the sustainability and competitiveness of small businesses through interventions that contribute to improving the processes and quality of products and / or services. This project will provide processing capacities to agricultural holdings that have not processed their product before, thus adding value to their products and giving them the opportunity to improve the quality of their product through usage of appropriate equipment.
  2. Provide guidance and support for small businesses to expand into new markets. Through processing, packaging and food safety regulations compliance, the products that will be available from targetted producers will be market ready, and the project team aims to specifically target local hotels and restaurants with these products, and their clients who are predominantly tourists.
  3. Supporting small businesses in implementing the relevant standards and in obtaining certification. This project aims to assist targeted agricultural holdings in aquiring appropriate approvals and registrations in Food Safety Directorate, as well as in assisting them to get laboratory tests results, all of which is necessary for local producers to be able to sell their products according to the relatively new food safety legislation that has been adopted in approximation process with EU.

Municipality Gusinje is the lead partner on this project with Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije as co-applicants.