WISHFUL / Ict for Smart Healthcare toUrism

Title of the project: WISHFUL / Ict for Smart Healthcare toUrism
Project value:  1 213 325.00
Period of implementation:  15.03.2018. to 14.03.2020. extended to 30.06.2021


Project Summary


Wishful’s overall objective is to reduce access barriers to tourists who suffer chronic conditions and/or disabilities, by creating an interconnected net of touristic and medical services. It will also indirectly incentivize the touristic sector to adapt to European standards and increase accessibility in general, by bringing a greater influx of tourists with special needs in the Region. Wishful will encourage tourism and cultural and natural heritage by targeting a group that is often neglected: people with special needs (disabilities and/or chronic diseases), by rendering the touristic services/products more accessible and interconnected with medical services. A smart and integrated management of the touristic offer will lead to the valorization of the Region’s cultural and natural heritage. The main outputs are: an enabling, cloud based platform with geo-referencing services and ranking of touristic facilities where the tourists/patients will have access to information and can book a touristic package with all necessary services (touristic and medical); an App for the touristic/medical routes and, should an emergency arise, to alert the medical facility enlisted in his/hers touristic package. Finally, Wishful also incorporates horizontal aspects highlighted in EU regulations, such as sustainable development, for it will support environmentally conscious tourism.


Specific objectives


SO1 – Integration of touristic and medical services Promoting new Innovative Companies and collaboration among main territorial stakeholders

SO2 – Strengthening of touristic services


Lead Partner


Municipality of Maglie (IT)


Project Partners

  1. University of Salento(IT)
  2. Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation(AL)
  3. Regional Council of Elbasan(AL)
  4. Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije (ME)
  5. Local tourism organization of Zabljak (ME)