Economic Empowerment of Women in Rural Areas of Northern Montenegro


Project title: Economic Empowerment of women in rural areas of Northern Montenegro
Donor: US Embassy
Cost of the project: 23,535.90 dollars
Amount contributed by donor: 17,991.70 dollars
Implementation period: From 15.07.2015. to 15.07.2016


The main goal of this project is strengthening and promoting of women entrepreneurship in rural areas. Expected results of the action are:


1. Database of potential agro tourism service providers created – database will be created after field assessment and shared with all relevant stakeholders (at least 60 households assessed).


2. Increased capacities of rural households to provide services – set of trainings will be organized addressing the most important issues as well as study trip for the selected group of participants (at least 20 women trained).


3. New tourism product promoted – this result will be achieved through preparation of promotional material and presentation of the newly developed offer at the fairs (at least 5000 people outreached to during promotional activities).