Local Cuisine as Tourism Offer of Cross-Border Region

Project Name: Local cuisine as tourism offer of cross-border region


Project value: 439189 Euros

Donor Contribution: 373,258.00 Euros

Implementation period: 06/04/2018 to 06/04/2020


Overall objective of the project is to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism sector by the economic valorization of the cultural and natural heritage, while specific objective is to include local gastronomy into overall tourism offer of the cross-border area. The results to be achieved by the project are:


Result 1: Traditional local recipes included in the offer of local tourism industry – the activities in this result will be dedicated to researching the old, traditional recipes, their standardization and capacity building activities for local restaurants and hotels for including traditional cuisine in their offer.

Result 2: Thematic, gastronomy routes created – activities will involve development of tasting points at rural households, packaging and labelling of local products, development of gastro route and capacity building for rural families

Result 3: Local gastronomy offer promoted and marketed – activities include development of various promotional materials, organization of gastro fair in Montenegro, organization of familiarization trip for gastro journalists, agencies and bloggers.


RDA is the lead applicant in this project, partner from Montenegro is National Tourism Organization, and partners from Albania are Eco-Partners for Sustainable Development from Tiarana and Puke Municipality.