Accursed mountains – exquisite outdoor destination

Project title: Accursed mountains – exquisite outdoor destination

Cost of the project: 424.724,73 EUR
Amount contributed by donor: 360.994,40 EUR
Implementation period: From 01.02.2019 – 01. 02. 2021, extended to 01.06.2021.


The overall objective of this action is to improve the volume, quality and visibility of tourism, while the specific objective is to strengthen cross-border zone of Prokletije as outdoor destination. Both of these objectives will be achieved through the coordinated fulfilment of results and sets of activities dedicated to those results, which are:


Result 1: Improved outdoor tourism infrastructure – to make sure that Prokletije/Bjeshket e Namuna area is truly a cross-border outdoor destination, it is necessary to develop a network of at least 300km trails for hiking and biking that would ensure proper connections between Kosovo and Montenegro, and multiple choices for the visitors travelling here. At least 2 thematic trails will be connecting Kosovo and Montenegro, and one rock climbing site will be equipped with new 20 rock climbing routes. Through this action the whole cross-border area will be equipped with resting points, viewpoints and water signage, as this is something that has been missed in majority of past activities. Parking spaces for bicycles will be provided as well.


Result 2: Standardized cross-border information made available for tourists and tourism agencies – it is necessary to present overall outdoor offer of this zone to visitors in ways that are commonly used by adventure tourists – through GPS tracklogs, electronic and printed maps, at least 50 information boards with maps will be set up. Mobile phone application will be developed for Android and IOS phones, as well as web portal presenting the overall offer of the cross-border zone, making it easier for tour operators to get the information that they need from both sides of the border.


Result 3: Promotional activities to increase visibility of targeted zone as outdoor destination – at least 6 billboards will be placed at entry points to Accursed mountain zone, 5000 flyers will be printed presenting the whole zone as one destination, promotional video will be created, 2 outdoor festivals will be arranged.


Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije is the lead applicant on this project. Tourism Organisation Plav is a partner from Montenegro. Regional Development Agency – West and Municipality of Peja are partners from Albania.