Empowering rural households active in rural tourism

Project title: Empowering rural households active in rural tourism
Donor: US Embassy  

Cost of the project: 16350  Eur
Amount contributed by donor: 15000  Eur
Implementation period: From 15.11.2018 – 15. 07. 2019


Overall objective of the project is creating a platform for more dymanic and high quality development of rural tourism sector.

Specific objective of the project is empowering agricultural households active in rural tourism for further development of this sector.


Activities of the project are centered around 3 main results:


Result 1: Association of rural households active in rural tourism formed. Activities related to this result are: Organising inaugural assembly of the association, Developing Memorandum of Association, Developing Action Plan of the Association.


Result 2: Association capacities for rural tourism management strenghtened – activities include: making instructions for beginners in rural tourism, regulations analysis, as well as  making a web portal for rural tourism.


Result 3: Association joined European federation for agrotourism and rural tourism – Workshops about standards in rural tourism are planned, as well as joining EuroGites federation.


Target groups are rural households acive in providing services in rural tourism, at least 50 families.

Project will be implemented within 9 months, across the entire Montenegrin teritory.