Transhumance – New Tourism Offer of Kosovo and Montenegro

Project title: Transhumance – New Tourism Offer of Kosovo and Montenegro

Cost of the project: 465.411,52 EUR
Amount contributed by donor: 395.599,79 EUR
Implementation period: From 01.09.2020. – 01.09.2022.


This action has been designed to connect such important and valuable cultural, agricultural and natural heritage represented in transhumance and katuns, with developing outdoor offer in Kosovo and Montenegro through creation of thematic katun trails and involvement of katun farmers in provision of tourism services. Therefore the overall objective of this action is to improve the volume, quality and visibility of tourism related to valorization of cultural and natural heritage and values, while specific objective is to include transhumance in the tourism offer of Kosovo and Montenegro. These objectives will be met through implementation of series of activities that have been carefully chosen to satisfy the needs of the targeted area in order to develop tourism services in katuns and tourism products such as thematic katun trails. The activities are grouped around three outcomes that they intend to achieve:

Outcome 1: Katuns mobilized for provision of services in tourism; activities include conducting a thorough assessment in target territory with the aim do achieve several goals. One will be to collect baseline data regarding the tourist visits in this territory. Then to collect information about strengths and weaknesses of each family from the perspective of tourism services provision.

Outcome 2: Tourism products and services developed around katuns – activities within this result involve set up of 15 resting points for tourists where meals and artisanal products can be served to them, set up of 8 camping sites near katuns, instalment of at least 90 solar systems in katuns, set up of signalization for thematic katun trails, set up of signs for katuns, capacity building activities and trainings dedicated to tourism – hospitality, traditional elements in the offer, proper marketing, pricing policy, food safety standards.

Outcome 3: Cultural, natural and agricultural values of katuns promoted.

Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije is a partner on this project from Montenegro. Initiative for Agriculture Development of Kosovo (IADK) is the lead partner and Municipality of Istog as partners from Albania.